Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Are Eden Brae Homes already on Christmas Holidays........

In the last week I've sent numerous emails chasing up bits and pieces that need to be sorted, the response is always, we'll get back to you (but they don't).

Sorry to have to say it, because after our site meeting with our SS less than a month ago, everything went full steam ahead and all was looking positive, the closer it's getting to Christmas, the less they are saying to us and the less responsive they are becoming, clearly this means we will NOT be getting the house before Christmas, I wish I could have faith in them to do it, because it would be possible, I just don't think their customers are important enough to them (they just have too many!)

I think Eden Brae have already clocked off for the year!

Good luck to all of you other bloggers who are building with other builders who WILL get you in by Christmas, may you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

That's my bitch over with, thanks for listening!!!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

So close!!!!!! But when will we know the PCI????

In the last couple of weeks, the following has occured:

  • Painting finished
  • Front doors stained
  • Taps, toilets and baths installed
  • Door hardware installed
  • Electrical completed
  • Driveway excavation
  • Front facade moulds being finished (today)

We had a meeting on site today with Outback Landscaping, to discuss our front stairs and other things we need to do around the outside, looks like the front stairs and driveway will be done next week, that is if the weather cooperates!

The painters finished last weekend, but unforunately the colours we had discussed with our SS for our staircase did not eventuate, they stained all of the staircase rather than just the handrail as we had discussed! I believe they have been booked to come back and paint the stairs, but I am concerned how this will look now the stain has gone on!

It actually looks pretty good with the stain, but I am conscious that we have chosen a dark carpet and floor tile and wanted to keep the entry area light and bright!

Very happy that I changed my choice of splashback tile in the kitchen, love the way the new ones have come up.

Bathrooms are looking good also now that the tapware and baths are in.

Ensuite bath......

Main bathroom bath......


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Garage door and more....

On my way out to visit my family today, I decided to swing by the house to see if anyone had worked yesterday (Saturday) to my surprise we had a garage door installed (see pic below) a peek through the window suggests the painters had been back and another peek through the back windows I could see that the kitchen splashback had been tiled.

A quick peek through the window was all I had time for and a thunderstorm was looming overhead so I didn't want to stick around, but very happy with those few surprises anyway.

If our SS keeps up this pace, surely we are a chance for Christmas!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Photo update - tiling, vanities, benchtops and sink, go go go Eden Brae!

We met our SS on site on Friday, to discuss what is still left to be done. He is hoping by the end of next week he can schedule all remaining jobs and set our PCI date.

He will not guarantee that we'll be in by Christmas, but we are one of the close to completion that may just get there (please Angels, please!)

The error made with our skirting and architraves will now be left as is, we have decided it is not worth the delay to the build and given that we are so close, I will just have to grit my teeth and bare it in order to keep the work going!

Here are some photos taken on Friday during our visit:

My undermount kitchen sinks


Ensuite bath and niche

Ensuite shower

Ensuite vanity

Main bathroom

Main bathroom shower

View from our main bedroom (as taken by our 5 year old daughter) so a short person's view towards The Ponds

Skylight installed

Staircase installed