Monday, 18 July 2011

Photos, photos and more photos....

I was very happy to see that the bricklayers were on site on Friday and couldn't wait to go back on Saturday for a nosy around. To our surprise, the bricklayers were on site and didn't leave until around 3pm, so we had to patiently wait to go in for a squiz!

Our future home (very exciting!)

Rumpus, Alfresco and Family

Outside wall of the Rumpus (what's up with the missing brick?)

Garage wall half way there!

Inside the Family Room

Inside the Rumpus

View from Loungeroom

Looking out the future front doors

Upstairs frame (showing the top of the where our stairs will be)

Upstairs frame - Upstairs lounge area

Our master bedroom balcony

Week by week it's getting more exciting each time we visit the block for our weekly photo shoot, here are some shots from last weekend (10 July), this was our frame after only one days work!

Looking into the family room

My future kitchen (looks very small to me!)

Looking towards where our front doors will be

Garage step down 


Library (our home office)

Our front door surrounds, just sitting in the gravel!

Garage and front entry

Looking towards the alfresco

Alfresco and family room

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Frame complete and bricks are ready to go....

They are moving so quickly, our frame was completed on Tuesday 12 July, windows were put in and on Wednesday our bricks were delivered ready for the bricklayers who are scheduled for tomorrow! Very happy with the progress so far!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Frame has been started.....

Our frame was started today and by the time I drove past the block tonight, our windows had arrived and our ground floor framing was about 90% complete. Very happy with the progress of the construction side of things, my hubby spoke to our SS today, he advised that the bricklayers are booked for next week, great news!

On the other hand, I have been in a furious email battle with our CSO today, because in our process of administration somewhere along the line (at EBH error) one of our post contract variations had an item to include tiles to our alfresco, then upon receiving our final construction plans we noted that our plans had identified TILES in the alfresco area.

We realised we had not chosen any alfresco tiles at our tile appointment and upon reading through Di Lorenzo's quotation I noticed they ask to be advised of any changes to the final plans, so we went in and chose our alfresco tiles. No dramas until last Friday I received the building variation to cover the tile selection we had made and was shocked to see and amount of $840, when I questioned our CSO I didn't receive a response, she came back to me on Monday night with some muddled excuse of why that amount appeared on the document, I kept advising she wasn't making sense and that I wanted a revised doc showing the tiles to the alfreso but as a note only (not being charged). Then this morning she advised that we would be charged this amount, regardless of what our post contract variation stated, the alfresco tiles were not covered in our original tender.

I have lost count of how many emails I have sent her in relation to the building variation, but basically I then responded by saying, so does that mean that every other variation we have signed off will not be included because they werent in the original tender! It makes me sick that we are spending more than $350K to build this house with them, they made the error and included the tiles in our final plans they should wear the cost, what's $840 to them!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Slab photos....

We made our usual weekend visit to the block with the kids today, to get a closer look at our slab since it was poured on Tuesday.

From the back of the alfresco

Looking across our future family room

Across the lounge room at the front of the house

Family, kitchen, laundry and garage

 Alfresco (between the rumpus and family rooms)

 The garage step down

We found our frame has been delivered ready to go for next week, can't wait!