Monday, 18 July 2011

Photos, photos and more photos....

I was very happy to see that the bricklayers were on site on Friday and couldn't wait to go back on Saturday for a nosy around. To our surprise, the bricklayers were on site and didn't leave until around 3pm, so we had to patiently wait to go in for a squiz!

Our future home (very exciting!)

Rumpus, Alfresco and Family

Outside wall of the Rumpus (what's up with the missing brick?)

Garage wall half way there!

Inside the Family Room

Inside the Rumpus

View from Loungeroom

Looking out the future front doors

Upstairs frame (showing the top of the where our stairs will be)

Upstairs frame - Upstairs lounge area

Our master bedroom balcony

Week by week it's getting more exciting each time we visit the block for our weekly photo shoot, here are some shots from last weekend (10 July), this was our frame after only one days work!

Looking into the family room

My future kitchen (looks very small to me!)

Looking towards where our front doors will be

Garage step down 


Library (our home office)

Our front door surrounds, just sitting in the gravel!

Garage and front entry

Looking towards the alfresco

Alfresco and family room

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