Friday, 19 August 2011

Roof delayed until next week.....

Our SS emailed us yesterday to say that our roof tiles would be delayed until early next week as the last batch had some colour imperfections.

Our SS decided it would be better to wait until the new batch are ready next week. This is the sort of thing you want to hear from your SS, while of course it will delay the roof by a few more days, at least he is considering the qualtiy of what is going into our home!

He also mentioned that it had been brought to his attention that we had been visiting the site, I guess someone at EBH has the time on their hands to keep an eye on all our building blogs!


  1. Boo to the roof delay! And yep, EB check up on all the blogs regularly :P

  2. Hi Karla, our SS gave us an update yesterday that the new roof tiles will be delivered on Monday and tiler is booked to start straight away (dependent on weather).

    I guessed they must have seen the blog, they were particularly concerned that the kids were on site. You had the same SS how did you manage to get away with being on site so often?