Saturday, 13 August 2011

Brickwork complete, but still no sign of our roof!

Here are some shots of the brickwork (taken last weekend) it looks almost complete and when I checked our online status on EdenBraeConnect brickwork was completed 8/8.

Our site supervisor told my husband that he has been sending fortnightly updates to our email address, we haven't received any emails since the slab was poured, but that was OK because the house was going along so quickly we didn't need to contact him, now disappointingly the house has sat idle for about 2 weeks and we've had no updates!

I wonder if the new Eden Brae house and land packages that have sprung up on Riverbank Drive are to blame for the lack of work happening at our place? Those houses are steaming along!

I'm sure plenty of you have had your houses sitting idle for a week or more, but with all of these on and off showers, I just want to the roof to go on so the house is somewhat watertight.

Here are some shots of the brickwork at the half way mark:


  1. Don't worry, it sits idle for a while and then suddenly speeds up again. I know what you mean about the roof though, once that goes on you're not a slave to the weather.

  2. Yay for bricks! Hope the roof goes on quickly for you. You suddenly will find yourself no longer caring whether it rains or not :) Like the sound of EdenBraeConnect! Must be new?!

  3. Hi Thigee and Karla,

    I will be so glad once the roof is on, the last time I was this concerned about the daily weather was around my wedding day (nearly 8 years ago now!)

    Karla, your house is looking great, I aspire to have a home as beautiful as yours! Looks like you are really settled in already!

    Thigee, looking forward to seeing your updates once you have settled in!

    As for EdenBraeConnect I think it has been around for a while, when you go to the Eden Brae website on the home page (top right of the screen) you see "Client Login", when I asked our CSO what this was, they gave me our username and password to login. You see the current status of the build, and can approve PCVs and BVs etc online. Username is your Job Number and the password is your surname (in CAPITALS).