Saturday, 29 October 2011

Houston we have a problem! Another issue.....

We went over to the house today to give our neighbour his money for our portion of the backfence and we thought we'd have a look around, all the doors were locked (which is good I suppose) but from the windows looking in we noticed that all of the skirting and architraves are wrong.

My brain then went into panic mode, had the colour consultant written the wrong code, had we missed this on our colour selection documents? I couldn't wait to get home and check and thankfully it says 67mm half splay skirting and architraves.

So now the problem will be another delay to the work and my concern is will they damage the walls trying to remove the ones they have installed?

There will be a call and email to our SS on Monday morning, I'll update the blog once a response is received.

Here is an updated photo of the front of the house, bricks cleaned but the site is still pretty messy.