Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Update time....

Things have been moving along nicely in the last few weeks, so here's an update on what's been happening:

28th September 2011 - electricals checked by hubby and SS

29th September 2011 - Tyrell's and Council inspections

4th October - downstairs eaves painted

5th October - backyard excavation done (and four truckloads of dirt removed!)

Unfortunately we don't have much backyard (as you can see!) but we've had the pressure put on us by our back neighbours who have now moved into their home and want fences done now, not the way we had planned to do things, but atleast EBH allowed us to have the excavation done in preparation for our retaining wall!

6 October 2011 - insulaton done

7 October 2011 - gyprocking commenced

8 October 2011 - gyprocking finished (at 7pm on a Saturday night, thank you to the very hard working tradies!)

12 October 2011 - back retaining wall commences

Upstairs cladding was also completed before the long weekend, it still needs to be painted (dark brown) but you get the idea.

Not sure about this loose roof tile, still a few loose and missing tiles around the downstairs level roofing!